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Oil Change Service in Los Angeles, CA. Trust the Mechanics at RPM Brake Service & Auto Repair!

Do you hear a strange grinding or clunking noise from the engine of your vehicle, when you try to switch the gears? Do the gears not switch properly? Does the red “check engine” light flash? In these and many other occasions, it is good to head to the nearest local auto repair shop for an oil change. The best oil change shop in the area of Los Angeles, CA is RPM Brake Service & Auto Repair. Our knowledgeable engine repair & service mechanics will get your car on the road in record time.

Most people usually neglect their car’s regular maintenance, especially when their priorities are taking care of more important tasks like business, home, or family. Most people also do not know that a regular oil change service can prolong the life of the engine and save you hundreds of dollars in more expensive engine repairs. Just like taking care of a crying baby, when you hear the grinding sounds coming out from the engine, you hear your car’s way of crying and it is a sign that it needs attention.

Just like taking care of your family, eating healthy foods, drinking liquids, and regular doctor checkups, your car depends on you for an oil change service and regular maintenance by a knowledgeable mechanic. You will never neglect your family, so do not neglect your vehicle. If you always wish to reach your destination, take advantage of our oil change and other maintenance procedures like a tire change or repairs. We are waiting for your phone call!

Call RPM Brake Service & Auto Repair on (310) 836-2503. Our engine repair & service mechanics look forward to hearing from you and serving your vehicle in the most reliable way possible.