How Often Should I Change the Oil of My Car? part 2

Is It Time to Visit the Auto Repair Shop Again?

Every car needs motor oil to function. It must be checked and replaced regularly, otherwise you risk damaging your vehicle. This article is for everyone who is not quite sure why changing the oil is so important, or how to do it.

Every car needs routine checks and repairs to function properly. They include oil changes, tune ups, tire replacements, transmission checks and so on. As a reputable auto repair shop, we perform all of the aforementioned services and much more.

a mechanic checks the oil of a carDifferent types of vehicles – cars, trucks, buses and so on, require different quantity and quality of oil. The time between the scheduled oil changes varies. It depends on the distance you have travelled and the model of your vehicle. Manufacturers suggest that most cars should have their oil replaced once every three to five thousand miles.

The bigger the vehicle, the quicker the oil wears out and needs to be replaced. Larger vehicles with more powerful diesel engines require more frequent maintenance, whereas smaller vehicles with gasoline engines need more time to exhaust the oil.

Every car, however, has a special light on the dashboard that indicates if the oil level is getting too low. Another way to take care of your car is manually. It’s different with every car, but you can easily find out what to do if you read your vehicle’s manual. Of course, you can also visit an auto repair shop and avoid getting your hands dirty. This is the fastest and safest way to keep your car in shape.

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