What Exactly Does a Tune up Entail?

Will Your Auto Repair Shop Perform a Tune up on Your Vehicle?

As everyone knows, a car is basically just a machine, and as such, it needs a certain amount of maintenance to carry on working at optimal levels. A tune up performed by a reputable auto repair shop is a regular scheduled task, usually performed once a year, to do all of the maintenance that has to be done. Making sure you car gets a regular tune up will maintain the performance and extend your car’s lifespan.

A tune up usually includes replacing several components of your car. These parts seem superficial, but not replacing them at regular intervals can decrease performance in your vehicle and could lead to other issues. For instance, air filters have to be replaced at minimum once a year; failing to do this when it’s dirty will make your engine get less of the air it requires to work properly. Should the problem be left unattended, the air-fuel mixture will carry on running richer and richer, this means there is too much fuel and not enough air, which will eventually make other components fail.

So you see, regular tune ups are crucial to a car’s performance. A tune up involves replacing air filters, spark plugs, and distributor caps and the rotor. A tune up can include replacing the spark plug wires, PCV valve, fuel filters, and oxygen sensor.

Maintenance not included in a basic tune up may be needed, so a yearly tune up performed by a qualified auto repair shop provides good opportunities to check a car’s systems, like the brakes and clutch, all fluid and oil, and the operation on any other systems that are not checked regularly. Should a tune up be done in the spring or early summer, the air conditioning has to be also inspected as it will not have been used for several months.

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