Auto Electrical Problems That Require Immediate Professional Assistance

Learn How to Identify Signs of Electrical Problems with Your Vehicle so That You Know What Type of Auto Repair Shop to Go To

Most cars are equipped with a so-called engine light. It is usually situated on your dashboard, behind the wheel. This light is designed to signal for engine problems, especially electrical in nature. Most drivers get nervous when this light goes on, but the truth is that this is a very useful feature. Knowing that your car has a problem gives you a heads up that you should drive more carefully, and also that you should schedule a visit to an auto repair shop.

Close up of spark plugs being repaired by a male mechanic holding a spannerUnfortunately, the engine light doesn’t give you any specific information regarding the source of the problem. All you know is that your car is malfunctioning, but have no idea how severe the issue is. However, there are a few ways that can help you narrow down the possible causes of the problem. The best one is to look for these signs.

Misfiring Spark Plugs
The engine light usually goes on when a misfiring spark plug is detected. You can troubleshoot this problem on your own, only make sure the engine is off. A spark plug misfires usually when it’s past its lifespan. The electrodes lose their properties, and problems start to appear. Replacing your spark plugs may need to be done in an auto repair shop, especially if your car is a newer model. However, if the spark plugs are fine, then your next best bet is a damaged wire or a faulty ignition system.

Broken Catalytic Converter
Catalytic converters are pretty expensive. Therefore, you better make sure this is what caused your engine light to go on, before you replace it. Unfortunately, testing a catalytic converter can be done only by a knowledgeable mechanic, in an auto repair shop where they have the necessary equipment for such a task. Installing it however, is not complicated at all. You may even be able to do it yourself.

These are two of the most common problems that can cause an engine light to go on. If none of them apply to your case, then you may have to bring your car to a mechanic. RPM Brake Service & Auto Repair is located in Los Angeles, CA and offers outstanding services at reasonable rates. Feel free to call us at (310) 836-2503 if you have any questions.